Lab 4: Graduates and the Future

When students go to college, most have  one goal in mind: and that is to graduate and get a job. Most students know that finding a job after college is not the easiest task, even though they just spent all their money getting to this point. But what would it be like to live in a state where there are never job openings for a career you are so passionate about?


April 2012, Jacob Evans graduated Owens Community College in hope of a career. With an associates in computer science, he thought this job would be easily accessible.

With the rise of technology, the need for computer science degrees would seem like it would also rise. However, when Jacob lived in Ohio, he struggled to find work. He had a friend living in Michigan who would give him a place to stay while he looked for work here. Upon moving to Michigan he found many opportunities and took part in several interviews.

Now working at Sterling Computer Consultants as a software developer, Jacob feels he has found his niche. He says he would possibly want to learn new skills to further his career, but within this position he has many opportunities to move up. He has already been promoted a few times within this company.


Sunday Oct 16 2016 Jacob is able to work from home with access to all his work documents. With the ease of technology, he is able to work from anywhere and get more done in a timely manner.

Working on computers all day, Jacob knows a lot about updates and the best way to get something accomplished. In his free time he still spends a lot of time on computers, he enjoys playing video games and spending time with his wife, Crystal.

You might think that someone who already has to spend so much time on computers would find other hobbies, but he enjoys the constant updates and changes that these games bring.


Sunday Oct 16 2016 Jacob enjoys playing these online games, while he also enjoys his cats. Having the ability to work from home also gives him the chance to really enjoy taking breaks with his wife and the comfort of his home.

The rise of technology is definitely changing even within the year. Computer technology is not the same as it was a few months ago, the need for new jobs will also be constant. Jacob thoroughly enjoys his position and looks forward to the on the job training he can receive in the future when new advancements take place.


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