Simple Digital Story- Saxovoce


When someone thinks of playing the saxophone, usually they will think of jazz music. The classical way to play the saxophone, and the most common form of this instrument. However, this duo of saxophone players took a twist to the common form of classical saxophone music.

This concert was performed at Varner Hall, on Oct 29 2016 at 8pm in the Recital Hall. The duo has been working together for over six years and has tried several different forms of their sound. They together have a CD for sale and are working on increasing their abilities together. Their newer sounds are a lot more contemporary and feature voice and other sounds along with the natural saxophone sound.

In attendance was roughly twenty students eager to hear from this duo perform. Those in attendance were excited to speak to the performers after the show as well. They all seemed to be music majors and interested in the pieces they played and dynamics of the songs.


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