Story Writing

In class we were asked to write a story about the last time we heard a great story. Immediately I had to think of a good story I had heard and why I thought it was a good story. In my first draft of this story I stuck to the basics, tried to explain the scene and emotion of the situation and how I was feeling towards the person telling the story, but also trying to give detail about the story.

As we continued writing our stories and editing them based on the videos we watched in class, I took out a lot of the actual story details and added more of the emotion and scenery details to help the listener understand where I was coming from. A good story should have purpose and have details so the listener feels as if they were there without being there.

This exercise definitely helped me to better understand story writing, for this sense of what is important and what is not as necessary in terms of detail and background.


Complex Digital Story


Technology is changing the way we see and view journalism. With even just the most recent advances to technologoy, such as twitter and news apps for our smart phones we are able to connect so much faster and in so many different ways everyday.

Journalism will constantly be updating itself and learning from its past, and technology can greatly affect the way journalism is seen and used.

Data Story: Facebook and Feeling Informed

The rise of media and technology has brought a lot of advantages and advances to the way people receive and see news. With social media and the use of easily adding your own perspective to a topic, how often do we really use these sources as a way to feel informed?

There are over 1.7 billion users on Facebook today. With that being said, most of them are not going to be active or even real accounts. With the younger generations being the more in-tune to these media outlets, the younger generation is more opt to using Facebook as their use of news consumption.

With an online survey conducted of over 390 Facebook users, the information was gathered about users and their actual use of Facebook.

Did they simply use Facebook as a way to express themselves, stay connected, stay informed etc.. 

Some findings of this study, was that if someone sees a story on Facebook, even if the link is not clicked they are less likely to turn to the news or papers to find out more. They can read similar comments and thoughts and feel informed enough to create a thought on the matter.

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-11-22-04-am                                This chart shows us just how often people use Facebook as a means to collect news information. With only a selected number of respondents to the survey, it is not 100% accurate however this survey is a rough estimate on just how much media and especially Facebook play a role in our daily lives.

With the inclusion of news sources to Facebook, news sites posting on their own Facebook walls and making comments on stories, it helps readers feel informed. They do not need to wake up to the morning news, or stay up for their late night show. They can feel as informed as any other news watcher just by keeping up with their personal social media outlets.

Lab 6: Video

The writing process may not always be seen in video, but why not try something new!

With the use of video, the writer can really see how far they have come with new technology, not only with writing but with learning how to be a better writer.

Oakland University students are always continuing their learning. ReYonna Freeman, a Communications major has some insight on the writing process.

Andrew Carl, an Engineering major has also taken some writing classes and definitely wants to continue to learn how to be a better writer.

Podcast Update

We were told to tune into a new Podcast for two weeks. Who doesn’t love to try new things?

I listened to TedTalks, which seems like it should have already been on my radar but it was new for me! I listened to some of their older podcasts first, to see how I would like their newer ones to come.

The podcasts I listened to were quite informative, it really gave me something to listen to while I drove that didn’t waste my time. I felt more attuned to my driving and I really appreciated some of their words of wisdom.

I really enjoyed their editing, with voice over, and natural sounds. You could tell where they clipped the interviews to make it seem like it was a live thing, but it wasn’t.

They were enjoyable and engaging. Definitely something I would consider listening to in the future.